Mobile Application Design


  • eOceans is a mobile app and digital platform for at-sea, real-time data collection with automated data processing for individuals and teams studying the oceans. For success, eOceans depends on ongoing participation by individuals. 
  • Gamification has been successfully used in a wide range of mobile apps for this purpose. eOceans will launch its mobile app for data collection in January and the purpose of this project is to research, design, test, and prototype a gamification solution that can be implemented to stimulate growth. It will also be the primary marketing tool.
  • eOceans motto: Speeding up ocean science. For the oceans. For us.

Who uses eOceans?

  • Anyone that goes to sea with a smartphone — marine scientists, citizen scientists, ocean explorers, tourists, etc.
  • If you’re a scientist that only wants standardized data, then that’s all you collect.
  • If you’re an opportunistic citizen scientist, or a scientist collecting data on your way out to perform standardized data collection, then your data may be less standardized. It varies. 
  • eOceans is a platform for you and your team to collect and digitize your data, and to share with anyone that wants it.

Gamification Research & Ideation

The primary purpose of this project was to define a gamification methodology that could be integrated into eOceans’ mobile application to maximize user engagement.
  • Share with friends / Comment / Ask questions
  • Recognition / Social sharing
  • Community
  • Levels, user ratings, or statuses
  • Levels / Progression

User Study

Background Questionnaire Result:
  • Number of participants: 5  
  • Gender: Male: 2 / Female: 3
  • What brand/operating system of smartphone do you use? iPhone: 3 / Android: 2
Product Opportunity Questions:
  1. How do you currently log your data? 
  2. What do you think of this product? (initial reaction)
  3. Does this remind of you any other apps?
Product Reaction Questions:
  1. What’s most appealing about this app? 
  2. What’s the hardest part about using this app? 
  3. Was there anything surprising or unexpected about this app? 
  4. What could be done to improve this app? 
  5. Was there anything missing from this app that you expected? 
  6. Would you keep using this app after what you saw today? 
  7. Do you have any suggestions to help make this app more useful?